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Our SS make liquid manufacturing single and multi station/multi head filling equipments can handle various pack sizes between 250 ml – 2000 ml. They are suitable for taking up any liquid, emulsion, lotion or gel. The manufacturing and primary filling areas are supplied with 5 micron filtered air, upgradable on the fly to class 100,000 and are also temperature controlled to 23 ± 2o C. Very high batch sizes with high-speed automatic filling and capping machines make it ideal for high volume products. Our lines are equipped with automated two side labelling, Induction sealing and ink jet coding to ensure tamper proof packaging.

The Cream line, with a manufacturing capacity of 4.4 metric tons per day, is a state of the art PLM(Planetary mixer) with homogenizer is a rugged system, capable of handling the most delicate products. These lines are suitable for taking up any creams/Gels with multiple phases. The filling lines are ideal for filling in both jars and tubes. Various pumps ensure versatility in pumping from the viscous to delicate products, requiring minimal shear. The independent modular AHU system prevents cross contamination of products. The line is also temperature controlled at 23 ± 2o C.

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